I have been doing a lot of hunting with my fellow guildies and alliance in-game, and through forum after forum. When i started playing this game in beta, i stumbled upon a lair in Barakk Varr. It made me so excited that i found something with a level 40 hero monster in it, that no one seemed to know about. Ever since i have been hooked on them. For my first post in this blog, I figured i would cover lairs. I will be editing this post after the content has filled up to make it look more attractive. In my posts to come I will be covering larger lairs more in depth. I will be starting with the Menagerie Lair because there is a ton of information out there that i have compiled for it.

seems like people have some confusion about lairs in general.. so here are the facts as we know it:


Respawn Timer: 12 hours.
Instanced: No
Locations: In every tier, some in RVR lakes, some not. they are "hidden" heroes that players find on the journey to 40, or if they read this.
Drops: blue lvl 36-39 (for 40 heroes, i believe... could just be 36.. or 39.. or 38.. i just know its around there)
Accessible to both realms: Yes.
Wrap up: You can have 6 people, 2 people, 5 warbands, 4 warbads of order and 3 of destro, doesn't matter... its just like any other mob out there, just with a 12 hour timer... and they are hostile to both factions.

This list is incomplete. Mythic has said there are at least 30 lairs

The following heroes are less than level 40:

Lair of Kamilla (Traitor's Rest): (11) RVR (drops weapons)
Norsca: 26k, 62k
Each race must stand on a specific pedestal.
Note: not every race in-game must stand on the pedistals, just each race on your side.

Lair of Lady Alisha: (11) RVR ( drops weapons for crit chance )
Blighted Isle: 35k, 51k
Three runes must be activated north of the lair.

Lair of the Bandit Queen : (11) RVR ( drops helms for resistance and -crit )
Ekrund: 58k, 3k
Kill a player with the dark energy buff. Also heard that you can bring a BW or Sorc to kill themselves and get a rez, and it should open that way.

Lair of Krela Darkshroud: (31) ( drops weapons and chestpieces )
Badlands: 23k, 62k

Lair of the Shambler: (31) ( drops helms for block/parry/disrupt )
Black Fire Pass: 5k, 24k

The following Lairs are level 40:

Frostshard Prison:
West Praag: 23k, 44k
8 lair bosses, currently unknown how they are enabled. Get there by going east on the river in west praag, on the northern side of the river.

The Maw: 40k, 54k
8 lair bosses, enabled by clicking riders horns located throughout the war world.

Lair of Elrin Helfried: ( drops shoulders for +damage/healing )
Avelorn: 58k, 46k

Lair of Festitt: ( drops chespieces for +damage )
Caledor: 34k, 36k

Lair of the Fleshrender: ( drops Jewlery for regen/armor penetration )
Kadrin Valley: 3k, 32k

Lair of Gorthlak: ( drops boots for +parry/block/dodge/disrupt )
Blighted Isle: 36k, 18k

Lair of Gutslime: ( drops weapons for +crit )
Mount Bloodhorn: 53k, 45k

Lair of Kelbrax: ( drops chestpieces for +ap/-to be crit )
Chrace: 19k, 63k

Lair of Metoh: ( drops helms for +parry/block/dodge/disrupt )
Troll Country: 9k, 4k

Lair of Morra: ( drops boots for +parry/block/dodge/disrupt )
Nordland: 32k, 60k

Lair of Old Oozeback: ( drops boots for +parry/block/dodge/disrupt )
Marshes of Madness: 25k, 60k

Lair of Ravack: ( drops backpieces for +parry/block/dodge/disrupt and -chance for parry/disrupt )
Black Fire Pass: 62k, 8k

Lair of the Reaver: ( drops gloves for +parry/block/dodge/disrupt )
Barak Varr: 2k, 20k

Lair of Silveroak: ( drops chestpieces for -crit )
Norsca: 20k, 25k

Lair of Stinkfang: ( drops weapons for +/-threat )
Ellyrion: 5.5k, 42k

Lair of Tezakk Gnawbone: ( drops shoulders for +healing/damage )
Chaos Wastes
: 36k, 6k
Behind the Battle Objective.
Must jump on a series of broken walls to enter.

"Bleakwing Perch": ( drops shoulders for crit reduction )
: 45, 61.5
There are a bunch of nests with eagles eggs.
Kill all the eagle eggs then the Bleakwing Patriarch level 40 champion will fly down and attack you. Make sure all your party are clustered together. The first move the Partriarch will do is knock all of your party members up onto the ledge. Inside the cave is the Bleakwing Matriarch level 40 hero.

The Matriarch has a really nasty AOE move that takes off approximately half health. Not sure whether it's cone or random or what.

"Grimshimmer Tower"
: Saphery: around 46k, 60k (drops chestpieces)
Arixxis the Scout, a tiny sprite, has been seen sputting all over this area.
He is a neutral level 40 champion. Once killed, he drops an item named Grimshimmer's Ley Stone used to port up to the ledge above. The tower is filled with champ harpies. Deep in the tower is the hero, Lady Grimshimmer.

Lairs that require special ways to gain access:

Lair of the Defiler
: Ostland: 7k, 62k (drops unknown)
(currently unknown how to enter)

"Seven Lords with Seven Sons

Faith corrupted, life undone.

For young pilgrims, four to come."

There is a great discussion happening on this lair in this link.

Lair of Gholnaros the Deathless
: Dragonwake: 23k, 42k (drops weapons, shields, offhands for +/- threat, -parry/disrupt/dodge, +healing )
To open this lair you must f
ind all three dragoneyes. Each one is found in a random location in the tier 4 High Elf/Dark Elf RvR Lakes.

- Caledor

- Dragonwake

- Eataine

Xaphan the Pyre Lair
: Caledor: 54k, 27k ( drops weapons for +healing/damage )
Requires clicking on six candles around the world. (They are named Altar of Xaphan in-game.) After you have clicked all 6, you open the book in front of the lair. One person needs to click all of the candles in order to click the book to open. You can click the candles and go to the lair whenever you want after that, there is no timer on them. Once you use them on the book, in order to open it again you need to go back and click all six candles.

(click zone for screenshot)
Nordland: 39k, 46k
Up a small hill by an empire building.

Marshes of Madness :13k, 47k
In RvR zone, just off of the objective.

Avelorn: 24k, 13k
Its on the order side of the map, on a ridge.

Reikland: 38k, 11k
Just inside rvr area

Black Crag: 40k, 15k
Pain in the butt to get at, will have a map up on the easiest route soon.

Praag: 20k, 18k
on the edge of the RVR zone, top of the hill.

(most of this post is from Warhammeralliance's Compiled Lair Thread information. It seems the origional poster has not kept it updated, so i figured i would.)

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