Menagerie Lair

Excerpt from the ToK:

Migliod the Mad was an aptly-named wizard who desired ultimate power. Devoid of care or conscience, Migliod experimented upon many horrible beasts in an attempt to create an army of Thralls with which he could conquer the world. Like all madmen, his plan was destined to fail. Migliod's methods involved the use of enchanted horns which could be sounded to call his beasts to him. The beasts were not always pleased to be summoned which led Migliod to much misfortune at the claws of his would-be servants. As his wits begin to escape him, he fled into the Maw with what was left of his menagerie, never to be heard from again.

This lair is located in The Maw at 40k, 55k along the eastern path up from the Chaos Wastes. It contains 8 closed doors and a tower. Recently players have found that blowing riders horns that are scattered across the tiers open the doors.The monsters emerge when the rider's horns scattered around are blown. It seems that only one monster can be active at a time.

Lair Hero list by door with corresponding horn:
(clockwise from entrance, click zone for horn Screenshot)

Door 1: Graveshroud, a winged nightmare. ( Drops Chestpieces )
High Pass: 28150, 29900 ( Hanging from a tree )

Door 2: Traugonaith, a dragon. ( Drops Gloves )
Norsca: 45000, 36000 ( Near Spindekraken in the cave )

Door 3: Hornblade, a rhinox. ( Drops Boots )
Praag: 11000, 38000 ( Beginning of cave )

Door 4: Soarmange, a manticore. ( Drops Cloaks )
Reikland: 23000,46000 ( Hanging from a red tent at the objective )

Door 5: Offalgut the Hungry, a chaos troll. ( Drops Belts )
Troll Country: 54000, 37500 ( Hanging from a bridge )

Door 6: Ruggog, a giant. ( Drops Weapons )
Marshes of Madness: 60100, 33480 ( On the Tree of Beards )

Door 7: Warbragh, a dragon ogre. ( Drops Jewlery )
Nordland: 51000, 56000 ( On a house in Salzenmund )

Door 8: Rathrek, a hydra. ( Drops Helms )
Chrace: 35000, 2000 ( Hanging from a tree in rvr zone )

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