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I will not be blogging here anymore, moved to worldpress:

I have moved my lair discussion as well.



A Belated Rantfest

I know I have been gone for quite some time now in the WAR blogger world, I really wanted to keep the lairs thing going... There is more than one reason why i lost interest in keeping this up:
  • Lair Loot: Even after Itemizing, the loot wasn't anything special. Might have a different graphic or something, but the stats could be easily replaced with INF or PQ bag drops. There are some loot that sometimes would be an amazing drop for a class... the chance for it to drop combined with the next reason, really made people not even want to try...
  • Lack of interest: Once people figure out that it has a 12 hour respawn time, and you get a group to follow you around... after 3-4 dead lairs, people start going back to the grind.
  • Personal aggravation: For Example: You need to click on all 14 stupid headstones throughout the world to get into the lair of the defiler, along with 3 other people. Then once you do get inside the lair, it has crap for drops. Makes no sense to me at all.
There is probably more than those, but that is the main cause. I might re-do this lair information just to keep for the future.. but I will only be keeping that up, and nothing else... That is if Mythic can even keep me interested in the game. I guess the new "xpac" will decide that... I'm hoping they do something great with it, or it will be the end of WAR as we know it... I'm still never going back to WoW.

I guess if they actually make the lairs a bit harder... Like world bosses should be.. with improved loot... i would consider keeping this blog going, as well as paying a visit to the lairs as well..

I have moved my lair discussion to worldpress. CLICK HERE TO BE REDIRECTED.


PATCH 1.1!

Today is the day that 1.1.1 comes live. According to P.B.'s Youtube post, 1.1.1 should bring the new VP system.


Although 1.1.1 does not really note that the new VP system has been implemented, it does however note some other interesting things to do with ORvR.

More to come once i get back on the servers!


Mysterious Love Letters from Mythic

Well, another interesting puzzle from Mythic has surfaced. I am too tired tonight to really grasp it, but i did notice interesting things in the letters written. go HERE to look for yourself. I will be editing this post after i get more rest.



Heres a little birthay video blog type deal from Mister Barnett himself, about whats to come soon. My assumptions are that it will be on the 29th, according to the Mysterious package sent by Mythic. ( keenandgraev.com )


and to add to the video, if you haven't downloaded Zmailmod, go do it now.

oh and happy birthday Paul!