Easiest Bestial tokens for Destruction

Just for a little post, i figured i would let you guys in on the easiest 2 bestial tokens to get once you hit 20, assuming you already did a trophy quest in Tier 1.

"Big Freeze" (Saphery):
Getting there is easy. Just fly to the warcamp in Avelorn. Once there, use the PvE road to get down to Saphery. You will hit the chapter 14, cant miss it.
  1. Talk to Maedlaine Bloodwine in Kyaran's Advance (Dark Elf Ch14).
    She is located between the mailbox and Trelan Blightblade. (seriously, thats it.)

"For the Promise of Power" (Caledor):
For this one, head south in Inevetable City untill you go through a portal into The Maw. Once there, mount up (or use your legs) and head left. Follow the side of the zone untill you get to a Dark Elf Tent. There should be a portal right after that. Head into it, go through the Fortress area into caledor. From there, just head to the coordinates given here, and its another fast token!
  1. Click on Mound of Dirt at 32k, 22k to recieve Scepter of Maggots.
  2. Click on the Scepter of Maggots.
  3. Click on Mound of Dirt again. The Scepter of Maggots will disappear and you will receive credit.
Quick way to get 2 tokens, takes maybe 10 minutes with a mount.

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