Protip: T2 in T4

I know most people are making alts, and are looking for a quick way into a PL group. I was lucky enough to get into one last night, and i found something that seems to be pretty unknown.

When you head out of IC to the Maw, zone into what ever T4 tree you want to go to. For this example, ill just use chaos, since you are already located there.

Once you run your way through the maw, and into chaos wastes, visit the warcamp, and talk to the flight master. Once that is done, you will always be able to fly to chaos wastes, and either reikland or praag. If praag is in conflict, then you should be able to go to both, but at the moment i am posting this reikland is in conflict on my server and im unable to visit praag, but on the dark elf side i am able to visit etaine and dragonwake from caledor and dragonwake is in conflict.

Most might already know about this, but it just seemed good enough to post. I will be doing more lair posts soon, as well as starting another blog for non-lair stuff like this, for easier browsing.

hope everyone has a happy 09!


  1. Grerat tip - I always ran my alts to all the "air-ports" I didn't even think of the MAW!!! What a life saver this will be :)
    BTW am following your Lair entries with great interest. We did the menageries with all 8 heros but the Sorcerer still is a mystery.

  2. yes, it is. And at the stage of this game, you never know if its just bugged and wont activate yet, or there is something we are missing. ;)