New classes to come?

I have taken a mini-vacation, but every where i go i seem to be in front of a computer. As i plucked away i came across this:

keenandgraev.com Mysterious package sent by Mythic.

Very interesting, the overall consensus is that they will be, or announce the plan to, introduce the Slayer and Choppa' to the arsenal of classes.

This is just speculation though, No one knows for sure if mythic will even do anything on the 29th. Keep your eyes peeled.


  1. Hey nice blog man. This is Haligan, I'm a BT as well and see you in RvR WB's quite a bit. I'm the perpetual rank 33 newb chosen.

    More of a "nice work" in general rather than a specific comment on this entry. Keep it up and I'll cya in game.

  2. hey thanks for the comments haligan :) always need some positive feedback ;) ill see you on the battlefield!